August 30, 2006

Clutter Free Drawers

Today, I started one of many projects to come that involve really cleaning our home at the most basic levels. And that is an organization project of huge proportions.

This morning's job was to clean out and organize my dresser. I condensed two drawers into one by throwing away about 50 socks that were either full of holes or missing a partner.

I also got rid of about 4 items of clothing that I don't wear and that were taking up space and I folded everything - that's right everything. If you're like me, your drawers are full of clothes at different levels of foldedness. I go through this process pretty ritualistically. Hopefully, I will maintain the habit of keeping my clothing neatly folded in my newly reorganized drawers.

Tomorrow, I'll tackle the closets.

Then the book shelves.

Then the desk.

Then the CD's and old VHS cassettes.

Then my makeup and toiletries.

Then . . . well, that should do it.

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