May 04, 2005

The Zonkey (Zeedonk)

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Last week, I wrote that Jon had a byline but it was only in the early edition. In the late edition, in the place where Jon's headline had previously appeared was a story about a ZONKEY. A pet zebra in Barbados became friendly with a local donkey because her partner had fallen ill. The above Zonkey is the result of this union. When Jon first told me about the story, I thought of The Island of Dr. Moreau. On this fictional island created by H.G. Wells, a mad scientist interbreeds several species, splices their DNA or something to that effect, in order to create entirely new species. I guess zebras and donkeys aren't really that different and it's not the first time in history that zebras have bred with another equinesque animal. It really isn't too much different than blending breeds of dogs in order to create new breeds, like the Peekapoo and the Labradoodle. Maybe the ZONKEY will catch on and soon we all can own one.

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