May 02, 2005

May Day

May is here. That means that we're one month closer to summer, which means that the weird muggy, uncomfortable weather isn't too far behind. Am I alone? Am I the only one that thinks summer in New York City is overrated?

The weekend flew by so quickly because it was full of ANTI-MISANTRHOPIC activities. Saturday morning I performed a clutterdectomy on our apartment. Inspired by TLC's Clean Sweep, I went threw my collections and got rid of stuff. For example. I had about 100 playbills that I collected from Broadway shows I worked when I had a parttime theater job. I only kept the Playbills whose (notice the proper use of the word whose) covers were in color. Those are traditionally used for the first season a play is out and have some value I think. I had so many including about 20 from Chicago, which I was keeping because of the changing casts. I also threw away flute music I haven't looked at in 10 years. That was tough but it was also music that a friend lent me 20 or so years ago and that I never returned. Heck. . .I was only friend with the person for 2 months. There was no emotional or financial investment in that pile of music and I have no idea at all why I was keeping it.Granted, our house isn't any where near as cluttered as the people they feature on Clean Sweep but it still felt good to get started. Next weekend I'll tackle something else - perhaps get rid of some my old CD's that I don't care for anymore.

The rest of Saturday was devoted to preparing for our dinner party. We had our friends over and it was lovely. Of course, I went overboard with the food, as usual. I realize now that four people can not possibly consume a 14.5 pound turkey in one sitting. Leftovers were abundant and I won't have to cook for a few nights. Our guests brought us a bottle of wine with a really cute name. Goats Do Roam. Aside from being a great pun the name also sums up how this wine maker discovered the grapes for his wine. Turns out, their goats were left to pick a grape and that's the one Charles Black chose. It was yummy. Between the trytophan and the tannens (sp?) we were all feeling pretty relaxed, so much so that we all last track of the time and ended pretty late. I know one of my guests had to be up early for work. I had to wake up early for the gym. It was nice to have people over.

Sunday, I worked out, relaxed most of the day and had dinner at the Fitzpatrick Hotel in Manhattan with Jon and his friend and wife and wife's dad and wife's cousin. Nice people, glad to have met them but by 8:00 I was done. I abandoned them after dinner and went home to get some rest and to finish up some work I was doing for my office. Jon continued on with the group and had a good time.

How was your weekend?

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