May 29, 2005

Saturday Highlights Figuratively

Lazy Saturday survives although yesterday I wasn't completely lazy. I was at the gym for two hours. 40 minutes on the treadmill, the remaining time was spent working on upper body. Of course I threw in a little leg and ass work but you have to do that every day to some extent.

The rest of the day I watched TV and went food shopping. That's it. Well, I didn't watch TV exactly. I watched an episode of The Amazing Race Season 2. I watched Public Enemy and programmed the remote so it controls the TV, the VCR and the cable box. Now I can turn everything on just by using one remote control. It probably doesn't surprise you that I made dinner last night - salad with avocado, apples and Newman's Own low calorie raspberry vinaigrette. It was good.

When Jon came home from work, we watched The Wizard of Oz which still holds up after all these years. I NEVER get tired of that movie- great special effects, great acting and great writing. Judy Garland's sweetness in The Wizard of Oz stands in sharp contrast to the not-so-innocent performance she gives in A Star is Born. In that movie, she's already fallen apart. She's too thin, drunk and ashen. She plays the has been that she was.

I much prefer the younger Judy.

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