May 03, 2005

New Blog Template

As if I don't have enough to do in the morning, I started looking for a new template for this blog. I didn't see anything else I liked. Argh. I guess I'll need to play with this one.
My bath is waiting for me; my nice, hot morning bath awaits. I am still a little bit achy from Sunday morning's workout. My scale has decided to cooperate once again. I hope my scale is right.
Jon and I are starting to meet with DeeJays. Our first appointment is Wednesday morning. I am looking forward to the Wed. am meeting because this group will bring in other professionals to suit your wants. For example, they would bring in a jazz trio for us if we wanted. Then on Thursday night, one of those guys is coming to our house I am not looking forward to this meeting, because this guy in particular is an extremely high pressure salesman who has followed up with me four times, to make sure I got his package, to see where we are, to check what we are eating for dinner - and Jon won't be here and I'll miss Survivor a second week in a row.
If you haven't noticed, Sarah is back and is posting picures of her Paris adventures. I am particularly fond of the picture that should be entitled "WOMAN ADMIRING DILDO". Because it is just that. That title tells you exactly what you need to know about the picture and so does the picture by the way.

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