May 14, 2005

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is taking some kind of sabbatical, postponing the third season of his hit show on Comedy Central. What I find hard to believe is that he's 31 years old. I thought for shizzle he was older. I know that he's alive and okay because the article I linked to above and several news stories that I've heard put him in South Africa. He's been working pretty hard for a long time. He's always been funny. The LA Times article said that he's been in 12 pilots that have failed and that finally he's had some success with the Chappelle show on Comedy Central.

My guess is that after struggling for so long, a great success like his probably came with a cost. It was a shock to his system and he needs some time to come to terms with it.

I'm sure after a few months of rest and relaxation . . .

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