May 31, 2005

Home town parade

This weekend was great. You already know about Saturday. Sunday, I picked my china pattern and flatwear and crystal etcetera at Fortunoffs. My parent's neighbors threw a picnic which we were all invited to. Jon and I finalized our invitations - my dad is printing them.

And then on Monday the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Jon and I attended the annual Memorial Day Parade in Long Beach. My father organized it this year. Here is my dad marching with the AmVets.
Image hosted by He's the one on the left in the navy jacket.

It was like any home town parade, every organization in town was represented. The Long Beach Public Library had five people walk with a huge banner and the post office touted all 5 of Long Beach Post Office's official mail vehicles.
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The most fun was watching the kids in the parade, especially the Long Beach High School band. I marched in the parade from 4th grade to my senior year as a flautist so I started to get choked up when I saw the flag twirlers leading the pack.
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When the band pulled up behind them, there were a couple of tears, especially when I saw the flutes. Later, I broke out into full tears when I caught up with former flute teacher who now teaches music in Long Beach and directs the elementary school marching bands.
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Here's one more shot of the band playing at the band stand. Notice how cool and stylish their berets look. When I was in the band we had to wear enormous Q-tip style hats with tassles. You've seen them. They are featured in every teen movie in the segment with the marching band as a tribute to most people's awful experience with those uncomfortable polyester uniforms.
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