September 02, 2004

Is It Really Thursday?

I can't believe it's really Thursday.

Work, this week, has been like watching paint dry. Of course the others don't feel it because they are the ones actively applying the paint while I followup on all of their incredibly mundane and tedious efforts to sell our clients marketing services.

But while the work week drags by, the non-work week seems to go by quickly. I feel like I exist in parallel temporal zones; one where time is measured in painfully slow increments and the other where time flies by so quickly it can't be quantified.

Speaking of temporal mysteries, I am reading a book called The Science of Harry Potter by Roger Highfield. In the book he talks about the scientific possiblities of recreating the magic that takes place in the books with explanations from Quantum Physics and Physics. It's a great way to get general overview of some of the more advanced advancements in the above two fields.

I'm enjoying it and learning quite a bit.

If it weren't the mathematical figuring part of it, I'd probably be pretty good at physics.

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