September 22, 2004

Something To Think About

Last night Michael and I hosted trivia for a modest crowd. There were 8 team present and a lot of new faces.
  • Winning team - can't remember but they had 35.5 points, out of a possible 50. If you remember their name please mention it in the comments section.
  • Funniest team name - Capitalism Stole My Virginity, although Michael and I were the only two who thought so.
  • Last place prize - went to Hungry Girls - they won a granola bar.
Michael ran three excellent rounds. His top ten list was to name the first 10 Democrat Presidents. Audio round was to name the artists covering various Beatles songs and naming the Beatle song - songs ranged from William Shatner's version of Lucy in the Sky to George Burn's cover of a Sgt. Pepper's song. The visual round was merely to name the entertainer pictured but the theme was that all the entertainers had alliterative names.

I took on the General Knowlege and Current Events Rounds. For fun, I've listed my egg themed general knowlege round below.
  1. Varieties of this vegetable include the large and purple; the skinny, lavender Japanese variety; and a small, white version. Name the vegetable.
  2. What great novel takes place in New York City, the valley of ashes and East Egg and West Egg, Long Island?
  3. Do you remember Egghead? He was the super smart bad guy whose brain was too big for his head was rumored to be the world's smartest villain. Who played him in the 1960's Batman TV show?
  4. When I was a child, my younger brother and I used to create many adventures for these little egg shaped people utilizing accessories like their tree house and their cars. What were the names of these little toys that wobbled but never fell down?
  5. Which Czar commissioned the first Faberge egg as a gift for his wife the Czarina Maria in1884?
  6. According to Martha "these small, white, stringy pieces help anchor the yolk to the thick white, and are most apparent in fresh eggs. They are harmless, but can be removed through straining for aesthetic purposes." What part of the egg is she defining?
  7. How often do chicken lay eggs?
  8. What are the three ingredients in an egg cream?
  9. How bird lays the smallest egg coming in at .02 ounces? You can put 4700 of them into an ostrich egg.
  10. Hard boil some eggs, removing the yolks, mixing with mayonnaise, paprika and spicy seasoning -- then scoop the prepared yolk back into the eggs. What have you just made?

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