September 03, 2004

Quiet Friday

It's a quiet Friday night at the ranch and well deserved.

Something incredible happened on the subway ride home tonight. I was sitting by the subway door minding my own business when all of a sudden a knight in blue armor came riding through the car on a silver unicorn. Chasing this knight was a 3 headed bull with 6 horns and 3 rings through his 3 noses.

He was breathing foul smelling steam but in all fairness the smell could have been eminating from the bum sleeping half way across the car. They continued like this for 20 steps when all of a sudden the blue knight stopped turned around and started charging the 3 headed bull. He stabbed the beast 47 times with the tip of his peppermint striped lance. The loser next to me, not realizing that this was all happening in my imagination pulled the emergency break. It turns out he was veterinarian and he wanted to save the life of this rare 3 headed bull saying over and over again, how he could become rich by selling its sperm. Anyway, after the 1/2 hour delay, the train started moving again. When I got out at the station nearest my house, I thought "Isn't it wonderful that I live in New York City and that I get to see amazing things like this."

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