September 06, 2004

Our Very Own Blogger Meetup

I've heard about other meetups, where bloggers from a certain community arrange to meet face to face. Tonight I attended my first. Sarah of Sarah's Entertainment Spot was kind enough to host 20 or so bloggers and friends in her lovely apartment. This evening I met up with the people responsible for akachris, Blog of Wes, Candy Blue Kite, Caren Lissner, Dave, Diva Who, Evil Twin Theory, Brain Spew, Phil's Spin Zone, and Wendy Fournier.
I was particularly happy to meet with Pam, Wendy and Wes because they came in from out of town for the party.

We were also celebrating the birthday of Sarah's wonderful Lhasa Apso Zoey who turned two years old today.

Sarah did a wonderful job hosting as there was plenty to eat and more than enough to drink. I bet you wouldn't think bloggers could drink so much or perhaps this wouldn't surprise you at all. We drank and some of us were what some would consider drunk, even pie eyed or shit faced!!!

The party doesn' t end. The out of towners are staying for a few more days. Tomorrow we're heading over to one the larger museums in town, which I am not naming for purposes of privacy. One of our guest did some research and really knows where to go and what to see at the museum. They are pieces with which I'm familiar so I'm looking forward to sharing the experience, in this case, seeing the museum's permanent collection of Van Gogh.

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