September 30, 2004

Wallet Woes

My wallet was lifted out of my bag this morning, somewhere between 28th/5th and 28th/Broadway.

I had only had about 2.75 in it, my debit card, some old UFT ID and insurance information, an expired Driver's license, some receipts, library cards for both Queens and NYC, maybe a moth - so it was no great loss, except. . .

The beautiful earrings that Jon gave me our first night in our new apartment were in my wallet.

Why was I carrying them around? Because no matter how fine the earrings I wear, my earlobes get irritated and sore. I carried them around because I couldn't wear them all the time, just some times.

I'm not big into jewellry but those really meant something to me.

Well. At least my robbery didn't involve any physical violence. I am thankful for that. I just feel a little violated, I guess.

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