September 27, 2004


Progress Apartment
Jon and I added a new piece of furniture to the living room - a day bed that we placed amidst our bookshelves for our library corner. Also, we've been enjoying the kitchen table we bought two weeks ago and assembled ourselves.

Friday - worked, played, drank, slept
Saturday - slept, awoke, prayed, slept, ate, watched Glengarry Glenross
Sunday - slept, awoke, cleaned, rearranged, brunched, rented movie, cleaned, played Scrabble, watched The Passion of the Christ, slept.

About The Passion of the Mel
Not having a deep and abiding understanding of the stories, fables and fantasies surrounding the death of Jesus, I had a hard time understanding the movie beyond this one point. Jesus suffered. Who was there when he suffered and why he was suffering, I couldn't tell you because nobody in the movie spoke to each other or addressed each other by name. Well, Mel did seem to go out of his way to paint Pontius Pilot in a sympathetic light or at least I think it was Pontius Pilot. Mel also really seemed to stress that the leading Jews of Jesus's day were very much against him and were adamant that he not only be tortured but crucified and humiliated as well.

I don't know any more about the Jesus coming out of the movie than going into it except that he sure could take a beating.

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