September 08, 2004

Tuesday Night Trivia

Our Blogger Meetup fun continued last night as we all gathered at the Baggott Inn to include Wes and Wendy in an evening of Tuesday Night trivia.

Before trivia we met up for dinner. Sydney took Wendy to BLogo or Vego or something like that. It's a vegan place somewhere in the Village.

Our group included Chris, The Anonymous Blogger (yes, I'm still speaking to him), Sarah, Caren and of course Wes.

Our group, feeling more carnivorous than Sydney's group chose Harry's Burritos for our evening repast. Sarah and I weren't as peckish as the others and split an order of nachos and guacamole while the rest the gang ordered meat and cheese filled delights. One of our group even ordered a shrimp something or the other which she let everyone taste.

When the bill arrived we were all surprised when Wes decided to treat. He wouldn't even allow us to tip. I have to say, that was pretty nice of him and I hope he realizes how much we all appreciated the gesture.

By the time we got to trivia we were ready for some competition. Wes played on my time while Wendy played on Sydney's. We were called OB/GYN Kenobi for Bush. Playing on our team were Chris, Barry, Jason, Roslyn, Phil, Wes and Robert. Not to brag (okay, to brag) we scored a total of 40 out of 50 points leaving the other teams not too far behind but far enough to win first prize. Wes and Chris totally dominated the visual round, devised by Caren's co-host Brad which was identifying cartoon characters and the shows they were from. The audio round done expertly by Caren, were 10 songs about school to coincide with school being back in session.

Brad's top ten list were Woody Allen's first 10 theatrical releases in reverse chronological order. Current events and general knowledge were just that. I am proud to say that several of us on our team knew that Locutus was Picard's name when he was abducted by the Borg.

We won a prize for having a silly answer which was a sippy cup with a picture of a donkey in the center of "New Jersey Democratic Campaign Action Team". I had to fight Robert for it but once I told him that Jon had lived in New Jersey he finally relented.

What else can I say? We had fun.

It was so lovely meeting Wendy I was sad to say goodbye last night as the younger folks ventured further into the W. Village to visit the Magnolia Bakery.

Wendy is gone now, having parted ways with Sarah earlier today at Port Authority.

I hope she has a safe trip home and writes all about her incredible visit over the days to come.

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