March 14, 2007


American Idol's guest was Motown maven, Diana Ross. This meant that all of the contestants had to perform something from her repertoire. When there is a celebrity on the show, we usually get to see footage of the contestants training with whatever INDUSTRY ICON they've brought in that week. We get to see the star struck with their heros. For the most part, Diana Ross seemed pretty normal and actually gave good advice. But she did make me laugh when she told Gina Glocksen that she had to PRONUNCIATE the words to Love Child. Poor Gina. As if she didn't have enough to worry about.

The only two contestants that really shined were Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha Jones. Melinda did a great job singing the only good song from The Wiz, Home. And Lakisha Jones showed how good she can be when she sang God Bless the Child which Diana Ross performed when she starred as Billy Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues. Jordan Sparks gave the third best performance singing one of the more obscure songs from Ross's song book - If We Hold On Together. And Gina Glocksen finished my top four with her rendition of Love Child.

I wish everyone else luck. Anybody could be going home. Chris Sligh butchered Endless Love when he changed the arrangement. He had the right instinct. That song sucks. He just couldn't do anything to save that song which leads me to question his judgement in choosing it. Sanjaya, who I 've been supporting up until now, totally picked the wrong song when he chose Ain't No Mountain High Enough. That song was too big for him. To tell you the truth it doesn't matter what that poor boy sings or how well he does it - the judges just don't like him.

Brandon Rogers, Chris Richardson, Phil Stacy and even Stephanie Edwards didn't really cut the mustard either. And what the heck happened to fan favorite Blake Lewis? All of sudden his ear was made out of tin. I don't think he hit a single note.

Any one of them could be going home.


stacy said...

I pretty much agree with you. I still have high hopes for Chris Sligh and Blake Lewis, though. Hopefully one bad week won't send them home. Sanjaya on the other hand....

Margaret said...

Being from Savannah we're rooting for Stephanie Edwards. Although she doesn't sing my type of music. Great review and I'm glad Dr. John sent me over to say hi.

W. J. St. Christopher said...

I didn't even care for what's-her-name's performance of "Love Child."

This season is completely sucky. I say give Melinda and LaKisha recording contracts, send everyone else home, and air extra episodes of "Bones" and "House" in that time slot.

What number do I dial to vote for that?

Oh, and I arrived here via the "Dr. John Highway"!