March 19, 2007

Hillary Equals Big Brother?

So before I went to sleep last night, I listened to the last 10 minutes of Matt Drudge's radio program. He said that his link to the "Obama 1984" ad would probably recieve a lot of hits. At five minutes to midnight I made a mental note to check out the Drudge Report to see what he was talking about.

Matt Drudge is not the biggest Hillary Clinton fan. And you know what? Neither am I. I've strongly disliked her since she bought a house in New York for the sole purpose of establishing residency so she could be our senator. What a phony. And I can't trust a woman who would let her husband cheat on her. She obviously has no respect for the institute of marriage. If you don't want to be married, don't be married. Get a divorce. I can respect that. But don't insult me. Don't be so obvious about using your husband for political gain. Bill and Hllary are hardly ever seen together in public anymore, except when fund raising for her campaign.

And I never understand what her opinion is about anything. She is a chameleon when it comes to expressing her views. She makes up her mind based on whatever opinion poll her aides happened to hand her that day.

Anyway, I got a big kick out of this campaign and to answer your question - Yes. I am an Obama fan. I'm not exactly sure what this short film is trying to say, but I do agree with the effort to reveal Senator Clinton as something she is not.


Anonymous said...

Your comment about Hillary is unfair. Her husband cheated - that's not her fault. I'm sure she was none too happy about it, but they stuck together and made their marriage work despite the bad times. I get tired of people who say she used him (or he used her) for political gain - why is it so hard to believe that two really smart, passionate law students who met in 1972 actually fell in love? Hillary didn't NEED Bill for political gain - she had already been 1st in her class at Wellesley and worked in DC after graduation...she actually suffered by putting her career on hold to help him with his.

Bill was a hunk back then, and Hillary wasn't a babe but she was smart - it's only natural that they might have been in love when they met. And now, their marriage works. It isn't perfect but it's working for them.

Anyway, Hillary has fought for the poor and for health care, so if her husband cheated, is that a reason not to put a smart president in office who can do a lot of good?

Hillary can do a lot of good for this country.

I don't at all forgive what Bill did, but that's not Hillary's fault.

Obama is probably great but how much experience does he have? How many wars has he been in? The guy has like TWO years of legislative experience. Do we want him in charge of nukes, just because he's charismatic?

What has Obama done???

Valerie said...

Hillary can do a lot of good for Hillary. But I can see her brainwashing techniques are working because you believe everything hook line and sinker. She's a big fat phony.

How do you know it's not her fault her husband cheated? If he had cheated just once and she forgave him, that's one thing, but he clearly has been cheating her for most of their marriage.

I don't want to vote for a woman who can forgive a man for cheating on her so many times. What other things will she forgive in the grander scheme of things.

Jon said...

It's a brilliant ad because "1984" has a triple meaning. 1) Orwell, 2) Apple, and 3) that year's Democratic debacle when they nominated a colorless liberal hack named Hillary Clinton, I mean Walter Mondale. As Homer Simpson said, "Where's the beef! Hee-hee-hee! No wonder he won Minnesota!"

nobody special said...

Hillary is just another cold blooded political mercenary.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I am not brainwashed, but you are brainwashed by the misogynistic people whose really intelligent reasons for not liking her consist of teh following:
"she's not charismatic,"
"she's a bitch" and
"she's phony" -
um, what about her record as a legislator; do you care about that?

I'm sorry you don't like her personality but we are talking about someone to run the country and keep all of us safe - not who we are inviting to our sleepover party tonight.

You think becoming president would be good for Hillary? It's a thankless job. It won't make her rich (Bill already does fine in speaking fees).

Claiming you can't trust someone who forgives her husband for cheating is idealistic; I'm sure she has cried and told him to stop it, and each time he swore he'd never do it again. As they said on 60 Minutes years ago, they had problems in their marriage, but instead of calling it quits they tried to work on it. I don't forgive what he did but Hillary isn't dumb. What would be your preference, that she divorced him and dated a lot of other men and then married someone who's perfect? Oh wait - Barack is already taken!!

I don't need to "believe everything hook line and sinker", because I only cited a few things that are documented and that everyone knows. What I also know is I've heard just about the DUMBES excuses for people to not like HIllary, and they're always thinly veiled anger toward a powerful woman. I'd like to hear a concrete thing she has done wrong, not just 'hmmm, she strikes me as a big fat phony.'

"What other things will she forgive in the grander scheme of things."

Let's see, maybe she will forgive her husband for the great status of our country and economy of the 1990s. Hmmmm.

What has Obama done besides speak well and be cute? How do you know his wife isn't cheating on him?

He's so young that he doesn't have a negative record - because he has virtually no record at all.

Maybe we should pick Tinky Winky the Teletubby for president; he hasn't done anything wrong either. We could use someone of color in the Oval Office (purple).

Anonymous said...

First, let's kill all the lawyers! Of course, the true meaning behind that statement ... "There is none righteous, no not one" There are no honest people in politics!

Anonymous said...

Well, then run for something.