March 06, 2007

16 Degrees of Separation

It wouldn't be the beginning of March if Lady Weather wasn't messing with our heads. After a strong beginning, with the first days of March providing us with mild weather, cold weather proves to us yet again that it is not ready to leave the tri-state area.

16 degrees separates me from the outside world. 16 degrees is enough to make me believe that I never want to leave this house again, yet leave I must. For later today I start a week long cycle of working at the Bellasco theater. The play is Journey's End and fun frolick through a World War I trench where soldiers contemplate the mysteries of life.

The production is being put on by the same group that staged History Boys. History Boys is famous in the assisted hearing community for having the worst sound of any show in the history of Broadway. Hopefully the powers that be have solved these problems and my job will not be that demanding this week.

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