March 01, 2007

American Idol - Girls' Night

American Idol continued showing the contestants' dedications in short films before the women's performances.

Top 6
Anyway, after all the dedications and all the performances, these are my top 6 in the order that I liked them. These are also the six women I hope end up in the Final 12 grouping.

My Top 6

1. Melinda Doolittle - She dedicated her song to her two closes friends. One of those friends is a stylist who helps her with her fashion because she hates to shop just like me. Melinda sang My Funny Valentine and this was a perfect performance. She took her time and laid the song out for the audience like a comfortable blanket. And she stayed in tune for the whole song. And I really like her personality. She's really a singer, not just someone who wants to be a singer and you want her to do well because of it.

2. Lakisha Jones dedicated her song to her grandmother, Ruth Morris from Flint, Michigan. She chose Midnight Train to Georgia and she sang it really, really well. I thought she sang this song as perfectly as Melinda Doolittle sang hers. As a matter of fact I think these two will be in the final 4 and one of them will possibly be the winner of American Idol. Anyway, Midnight Train to Georgia was the perfect choice for Lakisha because the song requires somebody with a big soulful voice which is what Lakisha has.

3. Stephanie Edwards dedicated her song to her incredibly supportive parents who made her audition for American Idol because they believe in her that much. She sang a song called Dangerously In Love which I'd never heard before last night. If this had been an Olympic gymastics performance the song would have had a very high rating of difficulty. Every phrase started on a down beat and her performance consisted of well timed syncopated moments. She sounded great.

4. Jordin Sparks cried through her dedication to her younger brother. Reflections, originally recorded by Christina Aguilera had a strange tempo. She didn't sing as well as last week but she still sang well. And it's one of those songs that's perfect for a teenager to sing because the song is about self-awareness and self discovery.

5. Sabrina Sloan dedicated her song to her grandmother. She picked a Whitney Houston song, All the Man That I Need. She sang it well and didn't embarrass herself by taking on a big song like some of the other contestants. As a matter of fact, she really sold her performance but there is something off about her. You hear people talk about the "it factor". She just doesn't have "it" whatever "it" is.

6. Gina Glocksen dedicated her song to her boyfriend. She sang Alone by Heart which was a good choice for her because she represents the white rocker chick demographic. I personally didn't like her slinky, spaghetti strap red dress. Red is too aggressive. I find it off putting when people wear bright red while trying to invite people into their worlds. Second in importance to singing, contestants have to be likable, accessible. Wearing that F you shade of red will possibly work against her. She also needs to work on singing in tune. Her ear was off last night.

Bottom 4
Here are my bottom 4 with Antonella Barba at the bottom of the list.
Bottom 4

7. Leslie Hunt was almost good singing Feeling Good for her grandfather but then she ruined her song by scatting which was a big mistake because she's not very good at it. And on top of that it's hard to watch her spasmodic movements. I just don't buy her as a professional singer. And to do a song that was recorded by Nina Simone and hope to do it as well, she should know that she's even in the same league as Nina Simone.

8. Haley Scarnato dedicated her song to fiance Bobby. She sang Queen of the Night. Eh. At least she had energy.

9. Alaina Alexander sang Not Ready to Make Nice for her mother and proved yet again that she has a completely tin ear. I don't what it is about her but everytime she sings, I can't wait for her to be finished. There's something hungry about her, too desperate - like she'll kill herself if America doesn't vote for her. And that's not fun to watch.

10. Antonella Barba - she just stinks. She keeps asking the judges what she can do to be better and the answer is so obvious. She simply needs to sing better and how if she plans on staying in the competition. But if what she did last night is the best she can do, then she needs to go home. She sang Because You Loved Me in a dedication to her brother. It was a stupid choice because this song was recorded by Celine Dion and just about nobody sings better than Celine Dion. Then on top of that, she just didn't sing it well.

Well there you have it. My top 6 and my bottom 4. I predict that at least two people in my bottom four will be going home tonight.


Jill said...

I agree with everything you said. I cannot believe they kept Antonella tonight!

6000 said...

At first I thought you'd chosen the top 6 out of sympathy because they're not too pretty.
Then I saw the bottom 4.

I don't know if they can sing (I'm from the other 96% of the world that doesn't get Idols) but the first thing they need before they can succeed in today's market is plastic surgery, agreed?

Valerie said...

Uhhhh. I don't understand the comments from 6000. The first six are just fine. They sing exceptionally well and they look like regular people. The bottom four all look like they need sandwiches and sympathy. And at least 2 of them look really sleazy.