March 10, 2007

The Longest Day

It's another long Saturday. I'm still at the Belasco Theater and working Journey's End is becoming quite the traumatic experience. I'm glad tonight's performance will be the last time I see this play for a while. It's not that the play isn't good. Actually, it's the opposite. It's so good that I feel a sense of loss at the end of every show. And then there are the sound effects. Throughout the show you hear both gentle and exciting explosions in order to give you a sense of living conditions in the trenches. The show ends with a harrowing aural display of frightening whirs, bangs and blasts so loud the theater shakes. And when it does shake, the mold and must from 100 years of the Belasco being open, come loose. It smells quite bad, actually. Jon made a joke last night that I'm SMELL SHOCKED. Get it?

Anyway, I get some R&R this week when I work over at the Walter Kerr and then the Music Box. Thursday night I'm working Grey Gardens which is a really delightful play based on the kooky antics of Edith and Edith Beale, relatives of Jaqueline Kennedy O'Nassis. But the rest of the week, I'm working at The Vertical Hour - which is a play about war. But the play only discusses war, it doesn't actually show war, so that's not so bad. It might be war trying to please my half deaf patrons because of Julianne Moore's low speaking voice but that's another story.

To tell you the truth, I'd rather work back over at Curtains. It's the least depressing thing I've seen on Broadway in a long time.


Mike Todd said...

Your job sounds a lot cooler than mine. And I might just check out Journey's End next time we get down to the city. Far out.

Shelly said...

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Valerie said...

Sure Shelly. No problem.