March 22, 2007

American Idol Results Show

A good chunk of the 1/2 hour results show was dedicated to everything except paying attention to the contestants. Most of the time was given to Lulu and Noone (looks like no one doesn't it?)

But hey isn't this show about those poor people making fools of themselves every week for our entertainment.

Peter Noone performed "A Kind Of Hush". If he were contestant the judges would have told him he made a poor song choice because that song is just boring. Lulu performed "To Sir With Love" and looked and sounded great. I was impressed that they sang the songs they're known for rather than some new lame projects they're promoting.

30 seconds went to that stupid Ford commercial video spot.

Ryan Seacrest spent precious moments promoting the big American Idol charity project.

30 seconds were spent telling Stephanie Edwards and Chris Richardson were in the bottom two.

And Ryan spent about 10 seconds telling Stephanie that she had to leave the show.

She didn't even get a goodbye montage.

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Mo said...

Insult or Compliment? -- "Sanjaya Makes Me Cry" --
Either way it is funny. I must have it...I will show my support! SANJAYA SUCKS