March 28, 2007

American Idol - Top 10 Finalists

Gwen Stefani was the guest this week on American Idol. When she was announced as the guest last week I was concerned that the contestants were going to have a limited choice of No Doubt songs for the show. But the producers expanded the contestant's choices by letting them sing songs from artists that influenced Gwen Stefani as well as Stefani's songs themselves.

Everyone did better with the exception of Chris Richardson who creeps me out. Phil Stacy was still creepy but even I have to admit he did a better job than the week before.

Gwen Stefani gave surprisingly helpful and intelligent advice. She spoke to the contestants plainly and honestly and in terms they understood. Her advice was concise and useful.

She told the contestants to respect the melodies of their chosen songs, advice which they all followed.

The weakest performances came from Haley, Phil, Chris Richardson, Chris Sligh, and as much as I hate to admit it, Sanjaya. Gina Glocksen sounded better than she ever has singing a great Pretender's song. Lakisha, Melinda and Jordin did the best.

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