March 07, 2007

American Idol - Then There Were 8 - Boys

One good thing I can say about last night's episode of American Idol - it was only one hour long. Five of the eight remaining contestants picked songs that were either boring or too hard for them to sing. For me, the best performances came from Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh. After them, I thought Sanjaya did well by picking a more upbeat song that let him show off the smokey quality he's capable of giving his voice when he sings. Of course, I am the cheese that stands alone in my belief that Sanjaya is a good singer. I hope he makes it to the final 12. I have faith in him.

Brandon Rogers tried to woo us with a funky song and while he did perform better this week, he was still boring. It's nice to see that he energy. He's the contestant I'm really rooting for but he makes it so difficult when he puts in mediocre performances every week. Sundance Head gave an equally mediocre performance as did Chris Richardson.

Jared Cotter and Phil Stacy are my choices for the two men who should go home on Thursday night. They both continue to creep me out with every performance. Phil Stacy was particularly creepy. Simon was right when he told Phil that he did somethine weird with his eyes. He looks crazy - in a good looking way. If he were to be cast in a crime drama, he would be cast as the handsome but scary looking criminal. And Jared Cotter is just funny looking. Add in that neither one of them are very good singers and you've got a recipe for receiving the least amount of votes.

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