January 18, 2006

Zoning With Celebrities

I was in the TV zone tonight - first with American Idol season five, then with Skating with Celebrities.

Wow. Even in season five, delusional people all over the country are still auditioning for A.I. - giving it their all and sucking. I still admire the people who gather the courage to stand up in front of those three discerning judges and wonder why so many people who can't sing think they can. Just because someone might like singing doesn't mean they can. I like singing and when I sing I think I sound great but I don't. I learned that a long time ago, listening to myself sing on tape. American Idol continues to entertain.

Skating with Celebrities was a surprise. I didn't know it was coming. lt was fascinating. David Coulier from Full House was paired with Nancy Kerrigan. Todd Bridges from Different Strokes was paired with Jenni Menno and he did a great job. Good for him. He's had so much bad press in his life, I hope this turns out to be a good experience for him. The best surprise was seeing Bruce Jenner skating with Tai Babilonia. I still remember the upset of Tai and Randy not being able to skate in the 1980 olympics.

Actually, I haven't been this excited about the sport of figure skating in a long time. Not even in the last winter olympics.

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