January 28, 2006

What Was He Thinking

Michael Jackson was shopping covered from head to toe in an abaya, which is apparently traditional garb for Arab women - in Bahrain. He has been visiting as a guest of the Bahrain royal family since he was acquitted of child molestation in June. But if he was trying to hide it didn't work. And here is why I think it didn't work.

The children's heads were also covered with scarves. Now. . .if Michael Jackson had gone with the children and only he was disguised, people would have thought his three towheaded children were out with their nanny - most likely. But since his children were also wearing what is now the most recognizable disguise on God's green earth, they were spotted.

He is just weird and amazingly, I'm not shocked by this behavior. As a matter of fact, nothing seems more natural to me now than Michael Jackson dressing like the women being oppressed in most Arabic nations. I was watching a show last night on VH1 called "The Best Week Ever" and a comedian commented that the only thing that would surprise him about Michael Jackson at this point would be if he went back to being black. I thought that was pretty funny and pretty accurate. I don't think anybody is really surprised by this strange display.

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