January 24, 2006

Flying High Now

The flu virus is gone. I feel better than I have in days. Last night my appetite came back in a BIG WAY so I went with Jon to a local diner and ordered . . . are you ready for this . . . steak and eggs!!! And I ate everything but the fat. Even better, I woke up with an appetite. And that is how I know I'm feeling better.

Meanwhile, I couldn't sleep last night. It was 15 minutes down, bad dream, wake up. The same cycle all night. I dreamt of odd houses that Jon and I bought and wanted to move into but couldn't because the residents wouldn't leave. I varied that dream about 50 times last night. They say when you dream about houses, you're dreaming about your own mind. and that different parts of the house represent different parts of your conscience. Well, I would like someone to tell me what part of my mind the baby sheep in the bathtub represents. In my dream, I looked that sweet little baby sheep in the eyes and gently removed it from the tub so I could bathe but alas there were other obstacles getting in my way of bathing. There was something in the drain, something moving, something gross. What is that? and poof . . . the last bad dream of the rough night ended.

Maybe it's as simple as being bored just laying around for the last four days. If I don't entertain my brain it comes up with its own forms of entertainment and none of them good for sleeping.

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