January 04, 2006


I've been giving David Lee Roth's radio program a chance. The segment I caught yesterday was part of an interview Roth conducted with his uncle Manny - who influenced Diamond Dave's decision to become a rockstar. Apparently he owned venues where a lot of famous acts either played or got there starts in the '60s. But listening to him talk was like listening to a tale as told by Grandpa Simpson. Granted the stories were interesting but he was not a good story teller. It was kind of dull and he just let him ramble on as if his uncle were the most interesting person in the world. It didn't seem like a good first show to me.

This morning I tuned in and he was discussing gun control. He talked about working as an EMT in New York City and how he regulary practices shooting guns. He doesn't quite fit the profile of a rock star. He is Jewish and comes from a somewhat stabile life. He was in the boy scouts, had decent opportunities and not a lot to rebel against. But he's pretty smart and I'm going to continue giving his show a chance. Hopefully he'll work out the kinks and Howard Stern fans will stop calling in to the show to insult him.

The way the show is right now, you'd think you were listening to a talk radio program on AM radio which is not quite what I want during the morning drive. I don't know what can be to improve the show. He's got other people on the show with him and the nervous laughter in the background could stop. That would improve the show for me. I'm not quite sure who they are but they laugh nervously after almost everything. Not necessary. Let people decide for themselves whether something is funny or not.

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