January 23, 2006

Flavor of Love

My new favorite show at the moment is Flavor of Love a dating program with Flavor Flav as the prize bachelor for 20 publicity starved women.

The show has all the elements that make a reality TV show special.
aThe women all live in the same house with Flav to insure rivalry and cat fights.
aThey (most of them) all wear incredibly slutty and inappropriate outfits.
aThey all claim to be absolutely in love with Flav and all claim to have his best interests at heart.

On the latest episode, the remaining 8 contestants went to church with Flavor Flav and his mom. After church the women went to tea with Mother Flav where they each had a private moment with her and explained why they were better suited for Flav than the other women in the room. Later in the day, they all had to prepare fried chicken. The winner of the cooking contest had a private dinner with the Flavs.

Most of the women prepared the chicken just fine. Hottie, a moniker given to her by Flav , clearly has no experience at all in a kitchen because she took her chicken, shoved carrots in it, covered it with spaghetti and marshmallows, put it in the microwave for 3 minutes and claimed it as an expression of her absolute love for Flavor Flav. Yet, somehow at the end of the show she WAS NOT ELIMINATED. That speaks largely to the power of her THIRTY-FOUR DOUBLE D's. The woman is CRAZY and BUSTY.

The woman who won the contest, Hoops, seems like a pretty sweet, nice, genuine person. It also doesn't hurt that she bears a striking resemblance to Stacy Dash of Clueless fame. I can't stop watching this show. I predict that Flavor Flav will pick the person least suited to him because he'll go for looks over substance.

In the end, the woman who was not given a clock at the end of the show, was SWEETIE. Sweetie had a private date with Flavor Flav in the previous episode and told him it would take at least 3 weeks before he could kiss her. He openly expressed his disappointment. So in this episode when he had some alone time with her, she was more aggressive - a complete 180 from last week's behavior making Flav suspicious. Then on top of that, Flav's mom told Flav that she seemed a little desperate in her one on one with her at tea time. Flav's mom should look out for her boy a little better because while Sweetie may have been confused she's not psychotic like Hottie and New York.

She did stick up for herself. Because Flav told her "he wasn't feelin' her". And while I don't know what that means, it meants something to Sweetie who argued that "she was feelin' him" and he didn't know what he was talking about. She also tried to take a couple of girls down with her. He clearly thought that her outburst was bad behavior but so is this entire show. So in the end Teh Flavor of Love continues to hold my attention.

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