January 06, 2006

51 Weeks Left

The first work week of 2006 has come to an end. Wahoo!!! Isn't it amazing how a four day work week can feel like it lasted 6 days? I agree. But now the weekend is here and freetime is ours again. I will use my freetime constructively - working out, cleaning up, writing essays and cooking meals.

I'm starting a new site where I essay about popular culture. I want to separate the essays I've already written on pop culture related items from my current personal blog and move them to the new one. Somehow, keeping those topics separate has a new appeal. Maybe I'm just getting more verbose in my advancing years. Or maybe I feel like I'm never really writing about anything.

My writings tend to be aimless, wandering and Valcentric.

Anyway, I'm glad the week is over so I can do all of the above.

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