January 29, 2006


Yesterday we celebrated my nephew's second birthday. It was a nice size crowd. My sister-in-law hired Matt the Music Guy from my nephew's day care as the entertainment for the party and he was great. He performed for about 45 minutes and he did something different every minute. He had a lot of energy and the children just loved him. My cousin's four year old was laughing so hard he made us all laugh. My nephew had the greatest time. He was right up front with Matt the Music Guy, dancing and strumming Matt's guitar. We all had a great time watching him. You could see the little girl to the left is utterly mesmerized. My best pictures are on my brother's camera and video camera. I shot half of Matt's show before the video camera ran out and then I switched my brother's digital camera. Before I knew it the show was almost over and I switched over to my camera. Here is a picture of my nephew with Matt the Music Guy. Both of them had so much energy it was hard to get a clean shot. Actually it was my camera, I didn't have the flash set so . . . not to worry my cousin Andrea got the better shot.

Speaking of my cousin Andrea, I got to hang out with her eight-year-old daughter and her four-year-old son. They are just great. Rebecca and I had a lengthy conversation about princesses. It was Rebecca who taught me last night that there are 7 original princesses and she listed them. When I asked her who her favorite princess was she was so overwhelmed. It was just too hard to choose. So we switched to something else - like favorite movie, favorite book, and eventually narrowed our princess choice to favorite blond princess (Cinderella). It was great. Scotty and I had a wonderful conversation about his imaginary friends and the things that scare him in the dark and he gave me lots and lots of hugs. My cousin told me that when asked about yesterday, Scotty said that "Valerie is my new best friend." When asked why, he replied it was because I cuddled with him. Yeah. They are great kids.

Speaking of birthday cake, Ethan's birthday cake was both beautiful and delicious. My sister-in-law picked up at Stop and Shop. It was a yummy, spongy yellow cake with chocolate pudding filling and thick, rich buttercream.

And my nephew just loved it. Here he is eating and enjoying his birthday cake.

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