October 20, 2004

Tuesday Night Trivia

Akachris cohosted last night with Caren. Not only did he do a good job, but considering it was his first time, he did super job. It's always a good game when Caren hosts, so I'm glad I went last night. In honor of an article recently published in New York about Tuesday Night Trivia, Caren wore her nerd glasses complete with tape across the bridge of her nose. (side note: I am mentioned in the article as the "pale, blowsy woman shouting out the answers from the previous round").

I played with my usual team last night, including T.K.O.A.B., Barry, Kory, and Robert. We invited Dina to play with our team because she was new. She explained to us that she had played previously in Hong Kong, where she worked as a lawyer for a few years, at fuctions for foreign correspondent. I figured a lawyer with international trivia experience would be a good new edition to the team and sure enough, we won first place.

It was a closer game than usual. Candy Blue Kite's team was only 1 point behind this time, coming in second. Candy's team has been playing much better lately, starting to emerge as a real threat to my unbeatable winning streak. Believe me, it's not because I'm on the team that we're winning (I received an honorable mention from Candy). It's because I have good people playing on my team, really good people. Robert surprised me last night by his expertise on club music from the 90's. Turns out, he worked as a dee jay in the late 90's. Who knew?

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