October 29, 2004

Reality Shows Update

Last night, Orlando Bloom look-a-like #1, from Survivor was voted off the island. Poor John. The young mechanical bull operator was a good sport about it. He tried to rally the troup against Chad, the contestant with the prosthetic leg, theorizing that if the jury had to choose between one of them and the guy with one leg, the guy with one leg would get the sympathy vote. His plan backfired becuase he was the only one who voted off Chad - John's team kicked him off unanimously.

Meanwhile, on the Apprentice, Orlando Bloom look-a-like #2, Andy, did amazingly well in leading his team to victory. The task was to create an ad inviting young people to join the NYC police force. He took command and didn't waver, didn't even compromise. He stood behind his idea and succeeded. Poor Elizabeth didn't fare too well. She was just too nice. She wanted to make every body happy and in the end made no one happy. She lost. I felt bad for her and I saw what her weakness was. She had trouble communicating. Trump didn't even have to think twice about firing her. He did it rather quickly, without her even having to go to the boardroom a second time with two people of her choosing.

Elizabeth. I salute you. You are smart and you were right. But you have to speak up for yourself more. You understood the assignment and Raj was a big pain in the ass. He confused you by seeming right about a wrong idea.

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