October 24, 2004

Bottom of the 5th

It's the bottom of the 5th, second game of the World Series. Ortiz just hit what he thought was a fair ball and a team of umpires is trying to determine whether it was fair or foul. In my life, I don't remember enjoying a baseball game as much as this one right now.

Perhaps, I have caught the fever from Jon, a fervent baseball fan with encyclopedic knowlege of the sport. Or perhaps, I am one those fans who can only enjoy post season baseball. I'm caught up in the Red Sox being the sentimental favorite to win the game. Maybe I'm excited about the almost 38 year old pitcher with the bleeding ankle who chose to try for a Red Sox World Series victory over surgery to fix what could become a permanent limp that could kill his career as a ball player. I think for these reasons, I'm really enjoying the game.

I still don't see how baseball is a metaphor for life, like many fans do, but I certainly can understand the emotional investment of those follow it before, during, and after the season.

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