October 16, 2004


Note: Matt Drudge points out that Mrs. Heinz Kerry pays less in taxes than most middle class Americans.

In an attempt to make Theresa Heinz Kerry look worse than she already does, the NY POST published this lovely article practically accusing her of being a thief. It reports she is paying taxes at half the rate the Bush's are paying by exploiting every possible angle of the tax code. It also reports the Mrs. Kerry's wealth is impossible to calculate because she is withholding information. Thank goodness no one looks at my records this closely. Of course, no one cares about my 25,000 a year.

I just did a little research and found that I am in the 15% tax bracket. Theresa Heinz Kerry somehow was in 12.5% and the Bushes are in 20 something percent.

That means that jointly the Bush's income is between 14,000 and and about $100,000 a year. Theresa's at 12.5% means her income is between about 15,000 and 23,000 give or take.

Check out your tax bracket here.

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