April 18, 2004

Yaw Fiyad!!

So....did you hear about this guy Rantisi? He is the Hamas leader who started screaming "Death to Israel, Death to Israel" and publicizing his plans to destroy Israel. Israel responded by killing him by fire bomb.

He is the second Hamas leader to be killed in thirty days. The Palestinians are outraged (although I refuse to believe that every single Palestinian gets behind Hamas) that Israel has done this and they elected a new leader but this time in secret. You would think after the assassination of the first guy, Rantisi's advisors would have encouraged him to keep a low profile and not piss off Israel. It took two killings for Hamas to realize that Israel is trying to wipe them out.

Between the suicide bombings (decreasing their own flock) and publicly condemning Israel, daring Israel to come to Gaza Strip and murder them, Hamas doesn't seem like the most clever of terrorist organizations.

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