April 30, 2004

Nasty Dialogue

Here is something I overheard on the subway platform this morning.

I walked by a woman who was standing right at the top of the stairs, flipping through the paper, as I came up. As I walked past her, she started yelling at the man walking next to me.

standing at the top of the stairs
"You could say excuse me. You hit me!!"

walking away
"Well, you shouldn't be standing in everyone's way!!!"

still standing in everyone's way
"Asshole. You hit a woman!!!!!"

still walking away
"SHUT UP!!!"

still standing there
"Come back here!!!! I'll kick your ass!!!!"

almost at the end of the platform
"SHUT UP!!!"

I waited to see which car he got into and then I decided to wait for the next train.

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