April 14, 2004

The President's Speech

So, last night, I watched the President's press conference and you know what. He really is just such a seemingly earnest and likeable fellow (my grandmother always used the word fellow for a man who isn't Jewish).

Even though he fumbled through a lot of his spontaneous answers, I got the feeling that he really believes in the actions we're taking in Iraq. While I continue to have mixed feelings about all that business (loss of life bad; preventing future acts of war against the US good) I believed he really thinks what we're doing there is just. And I was happy to see that he is willing to back up his belief. He respects the troops and repeated several times that he will give them all the support that they need. I truly hope that carries over to the times when the Iraqtion is over and the troops are home and recovering from their military adventures.

While I think it is wonderful that he is making sure the troops are being well supported while overseas, it is important to remember that for many people who serve the action continues even when it's over.

I know I've said this before on this website and I don't mind saying it again. Even if you don't believe in war or occupation of another country, it is important that we support the people who fight the good fight. Not only when they are in places that are not their home, but once they've come home and they need jobs, medical attention, homes, and/or psychological counselling.

If people are going to spend their time protesting some aspect of war, sometimes I think it would be better if they were protesting to make sure that veterans are receiving the services they need after they return home.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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