April 09, 2004

Friday Five

NB: The Friday Five was only late with their posting and not as I suggested, taking a hiatus due to good Friday. Either way, my questions still stand.

1) At what age did you start realizing how weird the concept of the Easter Bunny really is?

2) Were you religious as a child, meaning as a child, during your religious training (if you received this kind of training) did you attend weekly religious services? and if so at what age did you stop going?

3) Have you gone through the stage or are you going through the stage in one's life, where you are questioning the motifs and themes you learned during your religious training and what is that you are or were questioning?

4) Are you now in the stage of your life where you have come back to your religion either for personal reasons or for the sake of your children for whom you desire a similar religious upbringing?

5) Are you in a committed relationship with someone of the same faith as you or someone of a different faith and how is that going?

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