April 04, 2004

Lazy Sunday in the quay

I just lost another Scrabble to Jon. Even though I made Quay on a trouble word with the Q on a double letter bringing be a total of 78 points for one turn, I still lost by 13 points. Pretty close game.......
West Side Story is playing on the DVD. I'm always amazed the actor that plays Tony was cast as Tony. He is so bright and cheery and optimistic, he's completely unbelievable as a gang leader or ex-gang leader and that scene in the sewing shop where Tony and Maria pretend to marry each other. Come on. . . are we to believe that any of the other Jets behave that way with their girlfriends? I don't think so.

I am still of the belief that Russ Tamblyn should have been cast as Tony. He had the acting range, and that wonderful combination of vulnerability, toughness and athleticism. Actually, I think the movie would have been much stronger without Richard Beymer at all. Any of the other actors who played one of the Jets could have been moved up into the Riff role.
At some point today, we're heading to Queens. On the way, we may stop at Macy's, maybe walk around the city a little bit (although) the weather is starting to turn sour. Tonight we're going to see my friend Triple EEE play at a bar somewhere on Sullivan Street. I'll be right back....I'm going to check the location.....here is the posting . . . .hopefully you can make it.
with Eric Everett acoustic tunes to make you stomp, giggle, drink and reflect on the Zen of pine trees and such,

BUT DON'T FROGET (ribbit ribbit) to set your clocks forward so you can get there on time for EE to read your PALM 'cuz it's Palm Sunday too!

Sunday, April 4 - EE's "Return to the Village" show! NYC Baby!
ZANZABAR - 237 Sullivan St, just S. of 3rd St. (212) 673-0050
7 till 10pm - no cover

For more on the place & their menu check out www.Zanzabarny.com!

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