April 08, 2004

The Swan

I watched a very bizarre show last night called The Swan on Fox.

Do you guys remember that episode of the Twilight Zone where a woman receives plastic surgery only to find out in the end that her surgery didn't work, that she was still a gorgeous blond while everyone around her was pig faced?

It was kind of like that, except the opposite.

I don't know if the show is offensive or fantastic. I had such mixed feelings after watching it.

On the one hand, the show is saying that to be average is not good enough. But on the other hand, they are giving people opportunities to completely change their lives for the better by giving them plastic surgery and encouraging them to workout.

I cried at the reveals at the end of the show where two women who had undergone plastic surgery and three months of rigorous working out, dieting and psychological counselling (a nice benefit, I thought) saw themselves in the mirror for the first time in as much time.

They looked good (of course the makeup, hair treatment and stylish dresses didn't hurt) and were practically unrecognizable from their before shots. The tears of joy they cried sent me into a fit of spilling empathetic tears through smiles. That was pretty touching.

What I don't understand is how they are going to reconcile the difference between how they looked before and how they look now. More than rebuilding their self confidence in therapy, I think the focus should be on justifying not seeing your old face in the mirror anymore.

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