September 30, 2003

The Subways

As amazing as I think it is that you can get anywhere in the world from the depths of the NY Underground riding the Metro, I am still not entirely thrilled with they NYC subway system. Is it the system itself? No. I think the intricacies and the availability and the convenience of the system are for the most part thrilling and successful even if they don't run as often as I would like at times.

It's the people who ride the subways that I find disappointing. People, who are probably very lovely in almost any other social situation become dragons and warriors fighting for and defending seats and space. They will knock anyone over that stands in their way of their quests.

I am complaining because this morning, a 5 foot nothing blond, who walked around with an attitude that comes from having been treated blond and beautiful her whole life, practically knocked me over to get to the turnstile because she heard the ding ding of closing doors on the platform above. For all of her shoving and running, people were stuck behind her and annoyed with her because she couldn't get the turnstile to read her (let's-put-1/2-the-MTA employees out of work) metrocard.

She didn't make it in time for the train she so callously knocked me out of the way for. This made me happy. On the platform, I watched her saunter down to the end, where I like to stand, and I found myself annoyed that this creature was laying claim to my territory. But knowing that noone understood any of this but me, I simply went down to my favorite spot and waited for the train with my hand over my eyes to block out the bright morning sun harshly reflected off the white walls of the above ground platform.

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