September 05, 2003

Noise Pollution

Meditation and relaxation have been interrupted this morning by someone blowing dry their hair for hours, someone unnecessarily running an air conditioner, construction around the block including jackhammering and one of those large machines that look like one of the thumpers from DUNE but smash the street instead of calling giant worms, and workmen talking in the alley underneath my window.

How is a girl supposed to get centered before facing a day of cranky old people who want their deli meats so thin you can see through them?

And yes........I've chosen the blue eyeshadow again today and a fancy shirt, since I only get an apron and not one of those cool, red shirts with the blue and white store logo. Apparently, they are not ordering shirts anymore.

So, I will try to look pretty in the face of adversity. I will wear pants.

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