September 23, 2003


A young woman put her hand on the pole in the subway because there weren't any seats and she needed balance. An older woman leaned against that pole and the young woman's hand because she also needed balance and she was obviously oblivious. They remained like that for seven stops in front of me. Neither one of them gave up their position. I watched the entire time.

Maybe because I didn't have a cigarette the whole day; maybe because it feels like I have two water balloons behind my eyes where my sinuses once were; maybe because I let little things bother me; I wanted to scream at this older woman to stop leaning on this young woman's hand and I wanted to acknowledge the younger woman's plight by saying to her "Gosh, that woman's obnoxious! Why don't you say something to her?!?!?"

Rage boiled up inside me for seven stops but I managed not to say anything. i figured if it didn't bother either of them, why should I say anything? Who am I to tell people how to behave?

It's almost two hours later and I'm finally letting it go but that really, really annoyed me.

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