September 03, 2003

More on Dr. Phil

Today, Dr. Phil talked to couples who got married too young and don't know how to fix the problems that resulted from getting married too young.

One couple submitted video footage of themselves where they re-enacted a fight they had before their wedding night, her pushing him away from her in bed, fighting in the kitchen, standing in separate corners, and whoever shot the footage cut frequently to their little baby for whom they want to remain married.

He also seemed to be pushing a book he's written called Relationship Rescue. Now I don't have a problem with the advice he is giving people. Actually, he's pretty good about seeing through people's BS and then teaching them how to address it. I have a little bit of a problem with the staged reenactments. It is fromage at it's best.

And for any of you interested, I found a website where you can randomly generate quotes that sound like some of the expressions that Dr. Phil uses when he is giving advice. It's called the "Dr. Phil Random Quote Generator".

Here is an example of something generated for me. "You don't need a gambling habit to fondle a donkey."

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