September 02, 2003

Day 4 at the Supermarket

In the interest of keeping all of my loved ones updated about my new job. Here is what I did today.

I baked bread. Did you know that there are 7 different types of Italian breads? Well, if there weren't before, there are now. I also baked Viennese roles, crusty french roles, kaiser roles with both sesame and poppy seeds, onion roles, sweet diamond roles, french bread with sesame seeds (my relative overseas would laugh), sour dough bread, challah, challah roles or brioche, and several others I just can't remember. I also helped unload a bread order. That's where are all bread comes from but frozen and ready to bake. I helped unload something called a skip, which is basically a transport device with a whole lot of boxes on it. It's real hump work.

I walked over to the store at 7. The manager arrived at 7:15 and I baked and packaged this bread from 7:30 to 12:30.

Now I am home and I am trying to write on my other blog but since that blog is sexy stories I have nothing because I don't feel very sexy after baking bread all morning.

A nap might be in order.

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