September 12, 2003

Head Cheese and Liverwurst

Head Cheese is a cold cut comprised of bits and pieces of tongue and jowel meat suspended in a gel. Liverwurst is liverwurst.

Today I served up 8 orders of liverwurst, 1/2 pound to 1 pound each and four orders of head cheese.

Both are gross and both mess up the slicers and both are really gross.

I also served up 9 pounds of cold cuts to one couple, 2 pounds of bologna, 1 pound of turkey (the cheap, gross kind) 1 pound of liverwurst, 1 pound of swiss cheese, 1 pound of american cheese (yellow) 1 pound of pepperoni and 1 pound of salami.

I was very busy today. Everyone I dealt with was hard to understand and very demanding.

Life is grand.

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