August 31, 2007

Different Things

Drowsy Chaperone Fatigue
I'm working my third consecutive week of Drowsy Chaperone and I'm bored with it. Although, last night's performance made me laugh for the first time in 6 days. The performers were really crisp and everybody's timing was perfect. I watched the whole thing - yet again.

Secret Online Jeopardy Society
Before joining the above mentioned club, I never believed people who said they made friendships on line. At this point, Jon and I have gotten to know at least a dozen people in this world and we are looking forward to organizing a meet-up some time in October to put faces with names.

VH1's Rock of Love
This show is boring. All the women competing for Bret Michaels' love seem to have the same personality. Maybe it's because Bret Michaels boring. I don't know. It's just not hitting the same way as Flavor of Love.

Slow Walkers
It feels like it has happened to me at least a bajillion times since I've been living in New York city, no exaggeration. And it's this. People cut in front me only to walk at a slower pace.

This plea goes out to tourists and New Yorkers who aren't on their way to work.
If I am walking faster than you please don't cut me off and spread out in front of me with your party of six slow moving relatives and/or friends. There are actually some people walking around Times Square that are on their way to work.

If we were driving on the parkway instead of walking on the sidewalk, you would never do that.

Garbage, Garbage Everywhere
I am still baffled by the number of people who leave garbage on the street. I've actually seen people throw garbage on the ground within 5 feet of a garbage can. Astoria responded to the garbage problem by installing these beautfiul, obvious, self-contained garbage cans - to encourage people to throw their garbage away no doubt. Yet somehow there are still people strewing garbage on the sidewalks and streets of the community in which I live.


Renee said...

Hey there! Ok, I didn't go right to bed after our game last night. I enjoyed reading your blog instead :-)
Thanks for the "new reader" welcome.

Drowsy Chaperone Fatigue? That will be me next weekend after the church youth group rafting trip.


Danielle said...

Rock of Love is SO boring. Although I am looking forward to the next episode because it will feature a good deal of drunkenness and fool-making on the parts of Brandi and Lacey. Should be fun!