August 25, 2007

There is this Woman

I've probably mentioned that I hang out at an internet cafe between matinee and evening performances when I'm working. They serve food and their computers are decent to excellent condition so I get a lot of needs met when I spend time there.

The only need that hasn't been met is a social one. I tried once but it didn't quite work out. See. Usually I am one of very few people in there that isn't a tourist. One day, I noticed a woman a little bit younger than me pacing back and forth, talking on her cell phone. She was telling her mother about a job interview and how she's moving to New York City. So when she got off the phone with me I struck up a conversation with her in the hopes of starting a friendship. At first she seemed okay but then as the conversation progressed she started to sound crazy.

Apparently, she had a seen a certain Broadway show umpteen times because she is "friends" with the star and sees the show as often as she can. I felt her claim to be "friends" with the actress was a little bit forceful. The conversation left me with that impression by the time I had to go to work.

The next time I saw her, she was talking about Rosie O'Donnell. Apparently, Rosie has become a devisive conversation issue, especialy if you don't agree with Rosie's psychotic conspiracy theories about 9/11. This woman talked about Rosie O'Donnell as if she were the second coming of Jesus Christ's mother. Granted I respect Rosie for adopting older children with problems who need home. But when it comes to politics and/or singing and dancing, she really needs to stop whatever she's doing and just focus on her kids.

What I'm trying to say is that this conversation cemented in my mind the levels of instabilitiy fluctuating inside the head of this woman, who I have now realized is living in New York and apparently near the theater district. I see her all the time. She's always coming in and out of the internet cafe and most recently, I saw her walking her butterscotch colored lhasa apso.

When I saw her last time, I was thinking that maybe she was telling the truth. Maybe she is friends with a certain individual. I thought this while avoiding eye contact with her. Since meeting her, I have backed away from initiating friendships with strangers. I've had better luck picking up friends at the various theaters where my company sends me on a weekly basis.

Making friends in New York City is tough.

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AddledWriter said...

Well, it's nice that you tried to make a new friends. Except, I guess that means you are trying to replace all your old friends (just kidding) you bi-otch! (Kidding again)