August 04, 2007

Rock of Love

When ABC first aired The Bachelor five years ago, the producers probably had no idea what affect that show would have rn television programming. No one could have imagined for example that Flavor of Love would be the fruit of the tree that grew from the seed planted in our collective conscience in 2002. If you look at the geneology of Flavor of Love, credit is given to VH1's "Celebreality" programs Surreal Life and Strange Love. Flavor of Love was born from the latter. But surely The Bachelor strongly informed the format of the show.

I really enjoyed The Flavor of Love (T.F.O.L.), because it took The Bachelor and turned it on its head. It seemed like T.F.O.L. participants were behaving in a more "real" way, although I'm sure a lot of what happened was staged. There was something more sincere about a show where the women acted impulsively like the T.F.O.L. girls which was more interesting than the measured behavior and controlled responses of the contestants from The Bachelor.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise to you that I am currently watching and enjoying VH1's new program Rock of Love. Why? Why do I keep watching these shows that allow women to make fools of themselves? Because I can't stop myself.

I've missed commenting on the first four episodes so I'll do a quick summary to catch you up.

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