September 01, 2007

Loud Music Eminating From Cars

Have you ever noticed that people NEVER blast classical music or show tunes on their super neato sound systems? You never hear Vivaldi's Four Seasons or the cast recording of Oklahoma pouring out of a slick looking SUV with all its windows rolled down.

Sometimes, I fantasize that I'm driving slowly through Astoria while Patti Lupone and Michael Cerveris sing a duet from last year's production of Sweeney Todd so loud that the vibrations from the music set off car alarms as I roll down the street.

1 comment:

Judy Jones said...

This one time, I was walking down broadway, and a super-stretch suv-limo rolled by with one of those sound systems blasting the Jersey Boys Original Cast Recording.

but that was only once, compared to the 3023498203948504985943919083020984983 times I've heard other music blasted :)