September 01, 2007

Could This Be the Elusive Chupacabra

critter-1Phylis Canion claims to have found the mythical Chupacabra (pictured right) - as road kill - outside her ranch in Texas. Canion and three of her neighbors found three forty pound bodies of the legendary beast. She shaved one of the heads so she can test the DNA and trace the animal's ancestry. Canion claims that a chupacabra has killed 26 of her chickens over the last couple of years.

I would be more worried if it had killed her goats. Chupacabra literally means Goat Sucker in Spanish. So already I'm suspicious of this woman who is already selling T-shirts that say "2007, The Summer of the Chupacabra, Cuero, Texas" for $5 a pop.

Her local veteranian suspects that Canion found an unusual breed of dog.


Anonymous said...

The Cuero, Tx "Chupracabra" could be a variant of an ancient Mexican native breed called XOLOITZCUINTLI (cholo-it-squint-lay) or "Mexican Hairless".

AddledWriter said...

Isn't that a coyote?

Anyway, it's got me curious. Look at that rat-tail!